Meet the Team

We are here for you, our client, and realize that you are the reason we exist.  Our success is contingent upon your faith and confidence in us, and the service we provide you. We love what we do, and it shows  in our work.  Our team is professional and cohesive, we like each other, and love our clients. If you feel you would be more comfortable or better served by another staff member, please let us know. Sometimes a change in style or stylist maybe refreshing. Do not assume you are hurting your stylists feelings, because we are, believe in, and work as a team.




Artistic Director | Color Director | Manager

"Every day is an opportunity to make a difference and learn something new."

Grace calls herself a veteran hairstylist and her that means that she is accomplished and authoritative in her profession and  craftsmanship.  Most of her 30+ year career has been spent with A Shear  Encounter. Guest's and staff alike know that working with Grace is rewarding experience.  Her management skills are balanced and fair. Her  impeccable expertise has shaped the growth of our  salon & Spa family.  She is trusted and dependable.

With Grace, there  is no compromising on quality. Her loyalty, top credentials and proven track record has made her an indispensable member to the Brooks' sisters, and team. Grace is a master at her craft and has never stopped learning, and Sharing her skills. Every day is a new day to Grace as she is able to use her  creativity on a daily basis to keep her consistently interested in her work . Grace enjoy's creating wearable art and making lifelong relationships with her clients.

"I strive to make sure that each and every guest that passes through the doors of A Shear Encounter has a rememberable experience."



Artistic Director

"Enhancing the best features of my guest is so important to me because then I know my guest's will be happy, and feel good. And that is total satisfaction for me."

At heart Marisela is a true artist. she has a peaceful nature, soft spoken but obtains fierce skills. Her creativity shines in the meticulous skills in the art of cutting , which causes her to hone hair rather than simply cut it. This gives each individual design, fluidity, and natural movement. 

She's one of the few stylist who could still give a great perm. She  enjoys customizing and weaving hair color throughout the hair well envisioning the end results. Marisela has a patient  and focused approach to her service means you will never feel rushed out of her chair. This is not just a job to her, but her love.

"My goal is to be an example for young stylus in sharing my experience and knowledge in every way."



Esthetician | Nail Technician

"I'm fascinated and how using the proper techniques and products can transform people skin and their lives"

Susie enjoys making everyone feel special and cared for. She loves to educate her guest in the proper way to care for their skin and nails. She believes our skin and nails can become much healthier with just a few changes in our routine. We think you will be as impressed with her skills, and leave with a deep sense of relaxation, with a the glow to your skin, and fabulous nails.

Susie's goal is to "continue her education so she can become the best esthetician and nail technician she can possibly be."



Stylist | Colorist

"Hair is my art 'and I love the process of transforming my guest's from start to finish."

Joanne feels rewarded by each guest because of the opportunity to use her skills to make them feel special. As a designer Joanne makes hair appear youthful yet naturally colored and healthy. She's an expert at natural gray coverage while keeping it healthy and dimensional. Joanne's cutting is precise and textured after each blow dry to ensure the style is most manageable for you.

Joanne is hands-down the girl to see for the best blowout in town leaving you with a soft, but yet chic look.

 "My goal as a designer is to retain all the education I have received and exert my creativity by guaranteeing each of my clients leave with great satisfaction and an unforgettable experience."